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Reel RFID Muti-line Labeling Machine(2 heads) Model:YMJ-RML-12K
Reel RFID Muti-line Labeling Machine(2 heads) suitable for the reel materials labeling . Use the ultrasonic deviation to correct deviation, with high labeling accuracy and excellent quality. Easily to adjustment , high stability, multiple sets of electrical eyes to ensure the stability of the system. Receive material neatly, save production time an…
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Paper Sheet Muti-line Labeling Machine Model:YMJ-SML-150
The Paper Sheet Muti-line Labeling Machine suitable for web paper sheet tags, hanging tags, cards labeling. Multi-stations high precise labeling system, layout is optional. Machine running high speed and stable. Special unloading system ,output quantity can pre-set in the software.
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RFID Single Tag Labeling Machine Model:YMJ-STL-12K
RFIDLabeling Machine Series ,according to different application requirements, can be on the single hang tag,reel label, or large format sheet material surface labeling, can be affixedwith normal label or RFID label. Imported or domestic label head optional,modular design, flexible, user-friendly combination. Ensure the positionprecision, high yield…
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