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RFID Tag UV Printing, Encoding, Packaging All in O… Model:YMJ-TPB-30K
RFID Tag UV Printing, Encoding, Packaging All in One Machine is suitablefor the production of tag, cardboard and other products. Its functions includeinkjet printing, appearance inspection, code scanning, code reading andwriting, verification, defective rejection, card collection and automaticbundling and packaging.
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RFID Personalization Machine Model:YMJ-TP-30K
RFID Personalization Machine is suitable for single tag, paper card, ticket card, etc. automatic encoding and reading, UV ink-jet printing, testing and verify. The double card detection function ensures accurate feeding, high-precision belt conveying, with sensor monitoring, ensure the accurate conveying . With UV ink-jet printing optional. Multi-s…
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Full Auto RFID Code Printing Machine Model:YMJ-CP18-10K
Full Auto RFID Code Printing Machine use for printing the numerical code, QR code or bar code on the label. HF and UHF labels is optional, suitable for reel to reel material. Read the chip code(UID,ABA for HF,TID、EPC for UHF) from label, then use high speed and precise printer print out the code on label surface, testing after printing online, , m…
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