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Full auto milling and embedding machine (Single ch… Model:YMJ-TOT10-3000
Feature:This machine is used to mill the cavity on standard card and embed different kinds of chips into the milled cavity.
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Full Auto Smart Card Milling and Embedding Two in … Model:YMJ-TOT10-3000 (For four chips)
Feature:This is a full auto machine, integrated with card milling, module testing, laminating and module implanting.
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Multiple Chips Embedding Machine Model:YMJ-NO13-8000
Features: Multi-core smart card packer is used to punch and insert modules of different types and specifications into the milling chute. It integrates module punching, packaging and ATR testing functions. It can realize single-core, double-core and four-core packages of one card. It combines several groups of hot welding and cold welding to ensure …
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Full Auto SIM Card Punching Machine(7 station) Model:YMJ-GSMQ-6000+7
Feature:The full auto SIM card punching machine use the precision mould, in the standard card base punched 2FF+3FF+4FF the standard SIM cards, card half or a quarter of the one card, and then replace the mold punching a variety of non-standard card, mini card, special-shaped card, only need to replace the mold. Can be installed system video detect…
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Full Auto Smart Card Milling Machine Model:YMJ-M13-8000
It is used for milling cavity matching to different chips on standard cards.
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