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RFID technology is once again a commercial darling, retail will be the first widely used
Time:2019-9-18 10:07:31

As the emergence of radio frequency identification (RFID) system technology and development, and according to the developing trend of existing, the future global almost every industry will be applied technology of radio frequency identification (RFID) system, Geoffrey Moore in his influential book Crossing the Chasm, when a technology is Crossing the visionaries gap (visionary) from the mainstream market, says the technology has been accepted by the mainstream enterprise, become through the test of the goods.

However, when a technology crosses the chasm, the next step must be to cross a critical point, and then all industries and enterprises will feel the pressure to adopt directly and follow up.Fuelled by a steady stream of success stories in the general business press, RFID technology is now recognised as an excellent tool to help companies track their assets.

In 2016, other industries, other than retail, began to focus more on the benefits of RFID technology than on cost and practicality.Starting from 2017, all industries have finally fully recognized the fact that RFID technology is performing well. Companies seeking external application consultants or technical support assistance are convinced that they can make good use of RFID technology in their enterprises and bring substantial business benefits to enterprises and customers.



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