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Multi-Function Magnetic Strip Mounting MachineModel:YMJ-AMS600

This machine incorporates multi-function of automatic magnetic strip peeling, automatic trimming, automatic collecting, magnetic strip mounting on sheets & magnetic strip mounting on film.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

Machine overall dimension: Approx. L2800*W1400*H1900mm

Electric cabinet dimension: Approx. L750*W400*H1650mm

Weight:  Approx 1400Kg                     Power supply:  AC 380V 50/60 HZ

Air source:  6 Kg/cm²                             Total power:  6.0KW               

Available material:  accord with ISO/IEC7811 high density and lower density magnetic stripe

                                Stripe width:  12.7mm 6.35mm plate dia.380mm

                                Stripe width range under 12.7mm ~6.35mm can use this machine 

                                Stripe amount 5~8PCS                        

Available sheet:  3X8                           Operator: 1 person

Available material: 

Film sheet: thickness0.25~0.8mm; Max. Width: 580mm. 

Coil    film: thickness0.04-0.18mm; Inner Diameter:3 Inches; 

                   Outer diameter less than 20inches[500mm]; Max width: 580mm.

Laying precision: ±0.15mm

Yield:  99% (defined as GOOD sheets / total sheets produced)

Output: 3-4 Meters / minute (From roll to roll) ;  Min. 400 sheets / h ( From roll to sheet)

Product Video

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