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Semi Auto Sheet Collating MachineModel:YMJ-ASC-500

Semi auto sheet collating machine use sweating soldering technology to collate and attach the sheets and foils for card or inlay before lamination. Overlay foils and contactless prelam (or  Inlay) sheets feeding by manual, positioning by edge or CCD is optional, sheet correction

by vision system and corrected structure of XYZ axis.

Product Detail

Technical parameter

Overall dimension:  Approx. L 4750 * W 1250 * H 1825 mm

Weight :  Approx.2500kg               Power supply:  AC220-240V 50/60HZ 30A

Power  :  About 10KW                    Air pressure: 6kg/cm2 

Control:  PLC  

Accuracy for magnetic stripe: ±0.2mm

Accuracy for Inlay and printing stacking: ±0.2mm

Accuracy for upper and bottom printing layers: ±0.2mm 

Applicable materials:3-5 layers, printing sheet, prelam sheet, foils,inlay sheet , un-laminated sheet etc. 

PVC/PC/PETG/ABS and other printing sheet,Overlay with glue, Overlay without glue. (Upper layer 

need with printing mark, inlay with antenna)

Applicable Layout:Small sheet:300mm*475mm(3*8 layout)

Big sheet:630mm*480mm (6*8 layout)

Applicable thickness for PVC sheet:0.1mm-0.5mm

Operator:  1 Person 

Output rate: About 350~400pcs/hr(According to layout)

Product percent of pass: 99.7% 

Product Video

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